HackTCNJ is happening on February 24th at 10am, to the 25th at 3:30pm. It is a great place to be creative, to learn, and to develop your iPhone app, Alexa skill, or chrome extension. We want people of all skill levels, from the complete beginner who wants to make their his steps in tech, to the person who has a thousand starts on her GitHub repo. 



If you are under 18, please have a parent or guardian sign your minor consent form. The form can be found on our website after you register. 



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Best Technical Achievement

Prize for best technical achievement. Winners receive an Amazon Echo Dot.

Funniest Hack

Prize for funniest hack. Winners receive a $50 Netflix subscription.

Best First Hackathon Project

Prize for best first hackathon project. Winners receive a drone.

Radix Best Hack using a .tech Domain

Prize for best hack using a .tech domain. Winners receive a bit coding robot.

Google Techmaker Best Educational Hack

Prize for the best hack that educates users on a topic. Winners receive a Google Home and Chromecast.

Google Techmaker General Social Good Hack

Prize for best hack that addresses a social issue.
Winners receive a Google Home and Chromecast

Google Techmaker Best Accessibility Hack

Prize for best hack that helps improve accessibility for the differently abled and disadvantaged. Winners receive a Google Home and Chromecast.

Twilio Best Hack using Twilio API

Prize for best hack using Twilio API.

Best Hardware Hack

Prize for best hack using hardware. Winners receive an Arduino kit.

Truveris Best Healthcare Related Hack

Prize for best hack related to healthcare.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Nadya Pena

Nadya Pena

Brandon Gottlob

Brandon Gottlob

John DeGood

John DeGood

Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller

Chris Hranj

Chris Hranj

Dr. Don Trahan

Dr. Don Trahan

Judging Criteria

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